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Well - it's a sport. And it's done outside. The only drawback is that there is some wind required...

I'm talking about kiting of course and this page is devoted to the sparse occations to actually get that thing airborn. If you think I'm just making up excuses and there are endless occasions to go out and have fun with a kite consider the factors:

  1. Wind: somewhat constant between 10 and 30 km/h
  2. Dry weather - i.e. no rain
  3. As noticed on January 4th 2008: no freezing temperatures!
  4. Daylight - no fun when you cannot see the kite
  5. About two hours to spare: Find suitable clothes, going to a suitable spot, prepare the kite, fly, stow away the kite, go home, shower, cure cold...

Only if all of the above come together I have the chance of getting what I call - for lack of a better word - "airtime".

I consider myself an amateur when it comes to kiting but I like it and may get deeper into it. As of now (January 2008) I only train standing still - no buggy or board.

Takeoff with the kite lying face down.This is a still image from a short video a friend was filming. It shows my first (and successful!) try to launch my new 3m² sail after a gust had turned it upside down between two flights.

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