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Since the production of Lethal Discoveries was done as a spare time project, no hard schedule was set from the beginning. But you can rest assured that I didn't intend for it to be that long a project...

This page provides you with a rough timeline of our production phase and will be updated on a regular base - or at least with every step forward...

I didn't keep track of all the little script-sessions Clifford and me had but there were many of them prior to our first casting...

February 2006 Rough draft of the script is done.
2006-06-11 First casting among friends/colleagues: We were very confident to find many interested people... there was one. This showed us, that it would not be easy to cast both actors.
April 2007 After some searching I remembered that my community has an amateur acting group. So after talking to their leader there really was interest and we managed to secure two actors for the parts under the condition that the shooting takes place before summer.
May 2007 A major setback: one of the two actors that were ready to perform for us had to cancel for personal reasons.
2007-07-27 Made contact with a company to hire professional actors - it was either that or cancel the project.
2007-09-13 First of the real casting sessions for the two actors interested in the part of our studio guest.
2007-09-21 Second casting sessions for the three actors interested in the part of our host.
2007-10-08 Principal photography. Yes, it only took one day to shoot. If Hollywood movies would have the same preparation to shooting ratio the industry would have vanished long ago...
2007-11-04 Started importing the audio and video-material from MiniDisc and DV-Tapes.
2007-11-10 and 2007-11-11 Finished importing the audio and continued importing the video-material from MiniDiscs and DV-Tapes.
2007-11-13 The trailer is done! And the word is spread among freinds... It took that long to complete because another (non-public) project was in the pipeline and it took several days to select and license the music.
2007-11-18 Finished importing the video-material from the DV-Tapes.
2007-11-24 Finally - some real post-production starting. Finished a rough cut of the video.
2007-11-25 Finished the matching of our audio material with the video - had to tweak it at some points. Also started some animations for overlays and intros.
2007-12-03 Decided to revamp the internet homepage since it has been done in a hurry between other jobs.
2007-12-09 Created some animations to be used as inserts for the product summaries.
2007-12-17 Recorded some sound effects - a.k.a. foley and adjusted some audio levels.
2007-12-27 Did some organizing (i.e. checking licensing for ptential music, logos, DVD-production and even FSK - the german rating board) still waiting for the answer though.
The film itself is progressing well: video cut is final, dialog tracks are final. FX-Tracks need some tinkering and musik is still "not defined".
2008-01-09 Did some follow-ups on the licensing issues... at least it's not my fault the project is delayed.
2008-01-30 Finally - after clearing the music license for the trailer it is now publically available for download! Enjoy!

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